3 Ways to Take Off Extra Weight and Keep It Off

3 Ways To Take Off Extra Weight and Keep It off


Losing weight is something most people go through at one time or another. For some people it’s a life-long struggle. The good news is there are habits that you can create in order to lose weight and keep it off without that struggle. This article outlines 3 tips that will help you lose that unwanted weight.


  1. Drink plenty of water

Water will keep you feeling full and also make your skin look amazing. Water is one of the most important things your body needs each and every single day. It can also help you to lose weight and keep you from overeating ever again. Drink water before each meal and you will consume less calories. You’ll be full more quickly and be less likely to go back for seconds and thirds.


  1. Use smaller plates

Eating off larger plates means that you will put more food on your plate. That means you will consume more calories. If you go back for seconds using a large plate, you may be eating three or four portions of food. By using smaller plates you can better portion your food. Decide that you can only go back for seconds once instead of two or more times. If you still want to eat more after enjoying seconds, drink more water.


  1. Stop making food the center of every get-together

Some people make food part of every social situation. The next time your best friend suggests getting together to meet over coffee and pie try suggesting something else like grabbing a coffee and walking around the park instead of sitting and taking in calories that you’re going to later regret. If you’re having a dinner or potluck and people ask what they can bring, avoid suggesting desserts. Suggest fruit salad or protein rich items instead. Help to give not only yourself, but those around you, better choices.


Losing weight doesn’t have to mean denying yourself all of the good things you love. Losing weight is all about moderation. By using the above tips you can lose weight and keep it off.