4 Ways That You Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

4 Ways That You Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss


You have the best of intentions when you begin a new diet or weight loss plan, but it’s so easy to get off track. Sometimes it’s the little things that hold you back from achieving the weight loss success that you want to.


  1. You don’t exercise

Eating well is only half of the equation when you want to lose weight. It’s just as important that you exercise as well. You have to get your body moving to help burn the fat.


  1. You give in to cravings immediately

Just because you crave something doesn’t mean you need to give in to it. Now and then it’s okay to have what you crave, but if you’re trying to eat better and lose weight, you want to give in to craving less often than you would have before. Next time you crave something drink a glass of water. It will fill you up and hopefully get your mind off the craving.


  1. You eat too many portions

Most of us are guilty of eating too many portions. If you simply cut back on the amount you would normally eat, you will save yourself the extra calories. You will get used to eating less.


  1. You quit after a setback

Don’t kick yourself if you eat a slice or two of cake or a bag of microwave popcorn. We all give in to a craving now and again, but it’s no reason to give up on your weight loss journey. Continue on with your plans as usual instead of feeling like you shouldn’t go on. If you don’t workout for a week, don’t give up on working out all together. Continue on with your workout plan as if you never missed a day.


Losing weight isn’t always easy. There will be days where you go back to old habits and want to quit. If you quit, you won’t lose the weight.