Hand Fidgets Are A New Craze.

You may have heard recently in the news about a popular new non-electronic craze. It is funny how in 2017 the kids have gone ultra low-tech with fidget toys. These toys are said to help kids who suffer from ADHD with concentration. Either way, these toys have gone viral and everyone has been buzzing about Sensory Toys, Hand Fidgets and Stress Balls.

Fidget toys and Sensory balls can be used to keep you calm and alert. You just hold them in your hands and spin them or get “tactile input” from them. This is in fact very helpful in the development of children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD.
Even for those of us without those problems, Hand Fidgets can help you relieve stress, focus when doing repetitive tasks and concentrate and keep your hands busy while waiting in line or sitting through a meeting or sitting at a desk.

These hand fidgets are not electronic but keep you busy similar to looking at a cellphone, except they help you pay attention to your surroundings. Very affordable as low as $2 and many under $5! Some are even available on sale for 65 cents! If you want to use this at school try a low noise hand fidget. Keeping your appendages moving without distracting your mind will help you relax. These toys can be quite fun one you have tried them. Also try sensory balls for your feet.

You can buy the AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner for under 3 bucks. They help you focus without making a lot of noise with a ceramic center bearing. This helps not bother people around you with constant fidgeting. D-JOY Tri-Spinner Fidget is another interesting pick. These are a also affordable look great with fabulous colors.